Recognise these men from a beloved 90s film?

THE CAST of iconic 90s film The Sandlot reunited this week in honour of the film's 25th anniversary and my-oh-my ageing is real, folks.

With the exception of Mike Vitar (aka Benny 'the Jet' Rodriguez), all of the cast were in attendance as they reflected on the coming-of-age film that made them famous.

Posing on the baseball pitch that was central to the film, the men stood arms around each other, making all 90s kids around the world into an existential whirlpool of 'everything happens so much'.

Director, writer and narrator David Mickey Evans was also there to celebrate the milestone, and spoke about the fond memories he has of making the film.

Evans said: "The film was made with the same amount of love that people have for it, and it was the greatest summer of our lives."

Released in 1993, the film told the story of a group of neighbourhood kids living in 1962 who played a game of baseball that was never-ending and challenged the legend of a dog named "The Beast".

Indeed, it was a film that defined the youth of a generation, being fondly remembered by many Twitter users who couldn't get enough of the reunion picture.

One user tweeted, "and they are still my heroes".

Another said, "awesome to see this".

‘The Sandlot’ has become on of the most beloved coming-of-age films of the 90s. Picture: Supplied
‘The Sandlot’ has become on of the most beloved coming-of-age films of the 90s. Picture: Supplied

The men seem to have remained close despite life separating them over the years.

Cast member Patrick Renner who played Hamilton 'Ham' Porter spoke about the reunion functioning as a reminder of the enduring power of friendship.

"Seeing these guys, some of 'em I haven't seen in 25 years, but it is just like we're back," Porter said.

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