Glen Lazarus lends an ear to Ipswich in meet and greet

ALL EARS: Senator Glenn Lazarus shares a coffee with Ipswich residents and listens to their issues and concerns on a wide variety of topics.
ALL EARS: Senator Glenn Lazarus shares a coffee with Ipswich residents and listens to their issues and concerns on a wide variety of topics. Inga Williams

GLENN Lazarus is building a reputation as the people's senator.

Famously known as "the brick with eyes" during his illustrious rugby league career, Senator Lazarus is proving that he also has his ears wide open to listen to the concerns of the people he represents.

The Queensland senator was in Ipswich yesterday at Nourish Real Food Cafe conducting one of his regular meet and greet coffee mornings with the public.

Senator Lazarus met Ipswich residents where he listened to their views on a wide variety of issues.

"As part of being a senator for Queensland, I have got to get out and about," he said.

"You can't find out what the issues for the people of Queensland are by sitting in an ivory tower in Brisbane.


"I love Ipswich. I have had a very strong connection with it having lived not far from here for over 20 years.

"I've been good friends with the Walters boys and Alfie (Langer) and coached the Jets."

"The theme from today is that a lot of people believe that Ipswich needs a spruce up and needs to project more confidence to the business community so the area can grow.

The cross bench is powerful in Canberra and Senator Lazarus has the leverage to lean on the Federal Government to get more attention paid to funding much needed infrastructure in Ipswich, as he did recently on behalf of regional areas seeking better NBN coverage with Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"Ipswich is a growing community and a very important part of Queensland and Australia," Senator Lazarus said

"You just have to look at Springfield to see how the area is expanding and how a lot of young people are moving here for opportunities.

"I think the Federal and State government should look at injecting funds here to create better facilities... so that business can grow.

"One of the things I have learned in politics is that getting the word out there and making people aware about issues is very important and that is what I am hell bent on doing for all areas of Queensland.

"I take those concerns and issues to Canberra."

The need for flood mitigation in Ipswich was one issue raised with Senator Lazarus and the need for a ring road around the city to make it more attractive for pedestrian traffic.

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