Why crocodile footage has MP snapping at government

VIDEO of a large crocodile lurking in a waterway near Tully in Far North Queensland has local MP Shane Knuth snapping at the State Government.

Phone footage shared on Facebook shows the crocodile lying motionless in the rural waterway, before diving below the surface after a farmer throws a stick into the water.

Posted by Hill MP Shane Knuth on Sunday, the alarming video had been viewed more than 8,000 times by Monday morning.

Large croc caught on camera in drain near FNQ farm.
Large croc caught on camera in drain near FNQ farm.

"Another large croc found in a drain on a property near Tully in Far North Queensland," Mr Knuth posted.

"The best solution the State Government can give us is a 3 year study to see if we have a croc problem, fine property owners for removing the danger or "monitor" the croc to see if it is a threat to human life???"

"The people of the north are sick and tired of excuses."

The Katter's Australian Party MP said that while such sighting were now becoming common, it's the crocodiles you don't see that are the ones to worry about.

"This was unheard of, crocs in the drains of Queensland farmers, 30 years ago," he told The Cairns Post.

Large croc caught on camera in drain near FNQ farm.
Large croc caught on camera in drain near FNQ farm.

"And now our most popular freshwater swimming holes, kids have concerns of going in there and getting ripped to pieces."

Tully rests within Zone E of the Department of Environment and Science's crocodile management plan, where large crocodiles are usually not removed unless they show dangerous behaviour.

The opportunistic predators can lie still and mostly underwater for hours before attacking their intended prey which includes other wild animals, livestock and humans.

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