MYSTERY SOLVED: Experts explain baffling footprints

The footprints are baffling Bundaberg.
The footprints are baffling Bundaberg. Tony Weiss

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Queensland Museum has solved the mystery of the footprints. 

It is believed they belong to either a kangaroo or wallaby. 


EARLIER: A set of mysterious footprints has got the Bundaberg region baffled.

Tony Weiss noticed the footsteps on a sand bar at the mouth of the Kolan on Thursday and went online, asking if anyone could help solve the mystery.

While some suggested crocodiles and kangaroos, there was no clear answer.

"It's an interesting thing," Mr Weiss said.

"I looked up footprints of animals and birds and nothing came close, about the best so far is a wedge tail eagle, but can't find good prints on that."


The footprints are baffling Bundaberg.
The footprints are baffling Bundaberg. Tony Weiss

Mr Weiss said it was a "real strange one".

"They were about the size of my hand and about two steps apart, about 2cm into the sand, quite clearly a large centre talon," he said.

"There was no other marks around.

"It's dificult to tell how long they were there for as in the tide before may have covered other prints, but it would have been that day as they still had defined marks.

"If it was an animal it was large but can't find prints, anything like it."

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